What is project?

“A set of activities aimed to achieve a specific objective AND have a Clear Start, middle and end and budget

What are the problems common to all projects?

  1. Time overrun
  2. Budget overrun
  3. Compromising the content due to time and budget overrun

All projects are SAME!

Frequent common reason given by project leader?

  1. Company forced an unrealistic schedule to start with.
  2. It was dictated that we choose the cheaper vendors, even though it was known that they are less reliable.
  3. In spite of repeated warnings, effort work started too late.

Frequent common reasons given by corporate?

  • It’s all somebody else fault.
  • A long list of finger-pointing lower the level of the person, the more the finger points internally, rather than externally.
  • It is all somebody else fault corporate mentality: Always blame the external world.
  • Blame it all on uncertainty.
  • Uncertainty is what typifies PROJECTS, It is the nature of the beast. Condition of the game. It’s our job as a team leader to produce results in spite of uncertainties.

Let us create Pure Project Environment
A project that finish on time and on budget
Most of lead time is WAIT & QUEUE

Your Mission is to find a way that will enable us
to drastically cut our development time.