About the Author

Anil Gupta


A successful businessman in perfect health and complete peace of mind having diverse and growing business portfolios in Electronics, Chemicals, Software, Real Estate and Finance. An educationist, trainer and an author by choice. Out to create opportunities and make a difference to life and businesses of all the people he touches directly and indirectly.

Anil Gupta has traveled the journey from Rs. 1350 per month job in 1983 to a multibillion business now, working few hours a day and few days a week.

Anil Gupta holds degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has special interest in management, communication, psychology, ontology and natural living.

With over three decades of experience in business and five decades of experience in life, Anil Gupta has created a series of successful brands like Microtek, Okaya, Nasaka, Greenburg, and Okaya Infocom. Has done pioneering work in managing life and business in autopilot mode without supervision and produce ever lasting and ever-growing results.

Anil Gupta has created opportunities and made a difference to each life that he ever touches directly and countless he touches indirectly.